explosive blunderbuss

a romantic bust, a blunder turned
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allihearisradiogaga said: I mean you’ve held out this long idk… follow Ur heart

i feel like i should insert that “my mind’s telling me yes…” r kelly song here right now

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July 23rd, The Chicago Theatre (x)

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Haha awww. 


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allihearisradiogaga said: You’ll get it don’t worry you’re so strong

hahah i bloody hope so leon! maybe i’ll just give in and download it.. it’s at the point where it’s just torture now

fingersdrippingkerosene said:writing definitely helps me clear my mind and calm my anxiety/loneliness (yet I’m terrible at getting myself to do it) sorting and analyzing your thoughts and why you have them is essential! Much love 💕

yeah it usually helps me but i’m exactly the same! i end up writing too much and none of it makes any sense! or there’s just just not knowing what to write half the time hahah

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Florence Welch in Vogue US, August 2014.

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i am the WORST jack white fan

haven’t even heard lazaretto yet STILL

fuckin hm revenue or whatever holding my vault package until i pay and EXTRA £20 on top of the £47 i’ve already spent via tmr

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Inspired but too tired.

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feel 100% like shit tonight so yea hello again tumblr, it’s been a while. think i’m going to start using this as a more personal kinda thing because i’m sick of being stuck inside my own mind and constantly feeling absolutely nothing. idk maybe writing some stuff down will help

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absolute favourite

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#UnlockArt - Great Double Acts - Outtakes